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About Us

Dorger Software Architects, Inc. (DSA) was formed in 2011 as an Alabama corporation by Scot Dorger (Dorger), and since its inception, Dorger has served as President and Chief Software Architect.  Dorger originally envisioned DSA as a consulting and custom software development company,

DSA has always been located in Mobile, Alabama, where its employees work at its headquarters or remotely as required.    DSA’s staff of software developers includes ten full-time wizards and two part-time apprentices, who together have a combined total of over 100 years of experience, including 40 years of experience specifically focused on developing and implementing state eGovernment solutions. 

Dorger served as Vice-President of Technology for ACO Information Systems, LLC  (ACO) for nine years before forming DSA.  After Dorger departed from ACO, the company was acquired by Iron Data and then merged into MicroPact and is now a part of Tyler Technologies.   While at ACO, Dorger helped implement registration systems at dozens of state regulatory agencies. 

Since forming DSA, Dorger has continued to develop and implement eGovernment solutions and custom software for private companies.  DSA sometimes also writes custom software for customers or clients and provides support for third-party software installed at state agencies.  DSA is proud of its role in supporting and sustaining eGovernment solutions. It looks to continue evolving to meet its client's needs and demands in the ever-changing technological world.

DSA’s Valence system provides an updated, simple mechanism for tracking licensing requirements, quasi-judicial proceedings, and managing existing data while seamlessly merging with new data as input and updated. DSA is a Microsoft Silver Partner with a competency in Application Development. 


Secretary of State


Board of Dental Examiners


Public Service Commission


Secretary of State

Mobile Community

Corrections Center


Public Service Commission

North Carolina

Utilities Commission

Our software: Valence

Valence is a web-based Customizable-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) Licensing, Case Management, and CRM System developed and sold by Dorger Software Architects, Inc.

Valence features out-of-the-box functionality for Case Management, Licensing, CRM, Revenue Tracking, Document Management, and much more. 

We tailor Valence to our client’s requirements instead of forcing that client into a predefined box.

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